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  • Company Vision/Mission - employees work best when they understand the aims of the company and their specific role within it.

    Through our specifically designed workshops, we help you create your Company vision/mission and articulate your Company strategy to make it meaningful for employees.


  • When employees understand their overall role in a business 91% will work towards this success, but just 23% [will work towards success] if they don't. Bill Quirke, Managing Director, Synopsis Internal Communication Consultancy


A clear Communication Strategy means consistency. It ensures managers prioritise communication within their teams, leading to effective and more productive every day business.

We bring best practice to help you develop your own tailored Communication Strategy and implement clear Policy objectives.


High performing organisations are 2 to 3 times more likely to have a documented communication strategy than low performing organisations. Towers Watson –Communication ROI Study Report 2009/10


  • Employee engagement doesn’t have to be complicated……

We ensure we understand your business, and propose the best solutions to create your own Employee Engagement Programme


Companies with high levels of employee engagement improved 19.2 per cent in operating income while companies with low levels declined 32.7 percent. Towers Perrin-ISR (2006) The ISR Employee Engagement Report.


Organisational change is ongoing. Keeping employees informed through change is critical to its success……

We help build an effective Communication Plan into any size of Change Management project or Organisational Change programme.


Leaders and managers can play a critical role in helping to deliver messages and engage employees. They need to know how to lead (and communicate) with integrity in times of change. Towers Watson – Communication ROI Study Report 2009/10